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Library Orientation for HEC Students

Library orientation for HEC Students taking online courses.

Research Survival Skills

How to Get Help with Research/Writing/APA

Handout: Research Survival Skills:  Here are a few basic research techniques that can help you overcome common obstacles you might encounter when conducting research. Techniques covered in this brief handout include:

  • Developing a Research Question/Statement
  • Conducting a Search Strategy
  • Creating/maintaining a Search Log
  • Preparing a Literature Review
  • Creating References

Peer Review in Three Minutes: This brief video tutorial, created by a team of individuals at NCSU Libraries, provides an excellent overview of the peer review process.

Understanding Primary vs. Secondary Sources by Hartness Library.

Copyright and Fair Use Information - This is information from the SPC library on copyright and fair use.


Featured Presentations

Search Strategy Tutorial: How to conduct a search strategy prior to starting your research.

Handout: Search Strategy: This is a sample search strategy.

Journal Article Search Log: Use to track your research.

Handout: Journal Article Search Log: This is a sample completed search log used to track journal article research results.

Sample APA Style Annotated Bibliography: For additional information, see pages 307-308 of The Publication Manual