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Evaluating Websites: Accuracy/Coverage Questions

Includes Introductory Video and questions one must ask when evaluating websites

Accuracy/Coverage Questions



·     Does the page use correct spelling and grammar? Is the writing clear and concise?
Hint: Only if the native language of the Web designer is not English should minor spelling and grammatical inconsistencies be overlooked. Spelling and grammatical errors point to lack of quality control.

·     Is the information presented verifiable and accurate?
Hint: Verify questionable facts, statistics, etc. with a reputable print source. Don't depend on one source for all of your information, especially if you are not familiar with the topic.

·     How complete and thorough is the coverage of the information presented?
Hint: Compare the website with another on the same topic or with a print source. Knowing something about the topic will help you identify any obvious gaps or omissions in the coverage of the topic. 



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