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Evaluating Websites: Relevance/Audience Questions

Includes Introductory Video and questions one must ask when evaluating websites

Relevance/Audience Questions

Relevancy Questions

  • Is the purpose or goal of the resource clearly stated?
    Hint: Look for links that say "About Us" "Philosophy" or "Mission."
  • Does this Web page closely relate to what I need?
  • Does the content support my thesis statement?
  • Is the content too broad or narrow for my needs?
  • Is there original content or is the page a collection of links?

Audience Questions

  • Does the site state its intent?
  • Is the site directed to a specific audience?
    Hint: Look for the depth and tone of the site to help identify the audience.
  • If the site claims to provide scholarly research, are references available?
  • Is the content of the site appropriate for your research needs?
    Hint: A site designed for elementary school children would probably not be appropriate for a college research paper.

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