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SPC Reads 2018-19: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Poetry Project


Original poetry by students in Dr. Nancy Watkin's College of Education course RED 4511, Reading, Writing and Thinking, at the SPC Tarpon Springs campus

Acrostic Poem by Sara Lopez

By Sara Lopez
•Struggling with loss
•Trying to make sense of it all
•Angry with the world for its wrongdoings
•Riddled with conflicting emotions
•Righteously stands for what she believes in

THUG Poem by Kristal Hennessy

By Kristal Hennessy

Time has gone by, but we still live in history

Hatred still brewing perpetually

Everyone must be the change

How do we sit still while a child’s funeral is arranged

Assault of a child for the color of his skin

Time to end this, a new mentality must begin!

Everyone says times have changed, how blind we have been

Until a man is man, not the color of his skin

Give everyone their voices, their right to be heard

Injustices served faster than one can say the word

Voices are our weapons, tools to be used

Every human deserves a life of dignity, not to be judged, demeaned or bruised


Where Hate Comes From by Chloe W.


Where Hate Comes From

By Chloe W.

The hate you give

Comes from within.

From the fires raging inside

From your mistakes and your lies.

The hate you give

Comes from within.

From the fear trembling in your thighs

From the monster that grows inside.

The hate you give

Comes from within.

From the sadness and grey skies

From the heavy clouds behind your eyes.

The hate you give

Hides within.

Ready to drag you in

Ready to burn you down.

The hate you give

An entity all on its own,

Feeds on your soul

And withers you to bones,

Until there’s nothing left but guilt.

Poem by Stephanee Bridges

By Stephanee Bridges

Suspicion reveling in the glory of indifference

Holding accountability for ransom and asking why

Why should we care, why should we try

When all it gets us is pain and suffering and anger


Holding onto hope like a heavy chain nailed to the wall

Of the ship dragging you across a sea, to set us free?


 Enraptured with hate that your ancestors bared and you can feel

 Passed down generations and reflected in the eyes

Of the white woman clutching her purse tightly as you walk by


Oh, how times have changed! They say

Oh, it’s not about race!  They say.

They lie. And lie. And lie. And lie.


The fire in my belly grows and stokes the flame

 running rampant in my brain

My voice is tired still, but I’ll fight and I’l’ fight

Because this color can’t run and neither will I.

Don't Pretend by Holly Brady

By Holly Brady
Did you hear those cries?
Me either.
Let’s pretend time is infinite and we’ll be here forever.
Let’s pretend it’s all better now.
They kissed your pain so it must be better now.
If it leaves a mark, cover it up.
It’s better now, and you don’t know what you are talking about.

Did you hear those cries?
What cries?
Let’s pretend we’re in better hands and they know best.
Let’s pretend we are taken care of.
They sing sweet promises so we must be taken care of.
If they lie, don’t say a word.
They are taking care of us and you’re just bitter.

I hear the cries, they are louder now.
What cries?
The cries of the
And Angry.
Our innocence has been stripped and we cannot pretend anymore.
We don’t need kisses.
We don’t need lullabies.
We need change.