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Partnering with faculty is the hallmark of Learning Resources. Learn about the services, resources, and partnerships we offer faculty.

Enroll SPC Tutor - Step 1

Step 1

To Enroll Learning Resources staff as an SPC Tutor:

  • Select Communicate on the navigation bar in the course where you would like the Guide enrolled.
  • Choose Classlist from the options 

Enroll SPC Tutor - Step 2

Step 2

Select the Add Participants button and choose Add Existing users.                                                 

Enroll SPC Tutor - Step 3

Step 3


  • Type in the name of your Guide in the search box
  • Click the search tool magnifier icon at right of search box                                                

Enroll SPC Tutor - Step 4

Step 4


  • Once search completes, click the checkbox next to the staff member's name
  • Select "SPC Tutor" as the Role                                                 

Enroll SPC Tutor - Step 5

Step 5


Select the Section where you'd like the staff member enrolled from the dropdown menu


Enroll ONEGOAL Guide - Step 6

Step 6


Click the Enroll Selected Users button to complete enrollment


Enroll ONEGOAL Guide - Step 7

Step 7


You should receive Confirmation of Enrollment. If correct, click the Done button at bottom.