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Informatics & Clinical Reasoning

NURSING (3874)

Informatics & Clinical Reasoning


The purpose of this LibGuide is to connect students with information and resources pertinent to Informatics and Clinical Reasoning. Select the  "Informatics Course Topics"  tab on the left to view eight specific topics related to informatics. If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment for a research consultation, please contact Shilo Smith at the HEC library.

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What is Informatics?

The 2008 American Nurses Association Nursing Informatics Scope and Standards defines nursing informatics as "The integration of nursing science, computer and information science, and cognitive science to manage communication and expand the data, information, knowledge, and wisdom of nursing practice."

In its simplest definition, Informatics is the use of information technology in healthcare. Its focus is not simply on computers but on information management. A nurse's ability to find, manage, and use information effectively will determine the quality of care their patient receives. Medical care is becoming increasingly dependent upon technology, and the professional nurse must be proficient in the use and management of technology in order to be effective in modern healthcare.