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How to get SPC databases to show up in Google Scholar

Google Scholar ( can link to full-text articles within many of your library's subscription databases. This is an exciting development that can help one, as Sir Isaac Newton once said, "stand on the shoulders of giants" to see above the ever-increasing data smog while discovering scholarly resources that might otherwise be hidden within library databases.

Although Google Scholar's search interface is easy to use, it is not the be-all and end-all of quality research. For example, Google Scholar does not have sophisticated searching functionality that is found within library databases nor does it link to every library database. Nonetheless, Google Scholar, if used properly, can become a great discovery tool that can guide users to quality and frequently hidden library resources.

The directions below show how to set up Google Scholar to connect with St. Petersburg College library databases.


Note: If you're using Google Scholar from campus, then you can skip to step number 6.


1. Click on the hamburger menu icon in the upper left on the Google Scholar home page to get to settings.

Image of Google Scholar with Arrow Pointing to the Hamburger Menu

2. Click on wheel icon in the right corner of the menu.

Image showing where the wheel is located


3. Click on Library links on the left. 
Image showing where to click for Library Links



4. Type St. Petersburg College in the search box and click the search button.  Then, click on the two boxes below the search box labeled with the College's name.  
Image showing where to put name and what to click


5. Click Save.
Image showing where to click save

6. Return to the Google Scholar Home page and perform your search. Notice how it links to SPC databases.