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Academic Tutoring Services, Midtown Campus

Learn about the various free learning support services available to you at the Midtown campus.

Located in MTJC 210, the Learning Support Center offers skilled instructional support specialists and student-peer tutors to engage SPC students in learning about concepts and problem-solving techniques in math, science, and technology courses -- all for free

The facility and its staff offer the following: 

  • Science Resource Center with anatomy models, microscopes and slides, iPads, and an interactive Smartboard
  • Helpful worksheets and workshops
  • PCs with frequently used productivity and course software and applications
  • Black & white and color printer ($.10 and $.50 per page, respectively)
  • Copy machine ($.10 per page)
  • Photo and document scanner
  • Study/Meeting rooms

We invite you to come with your specific questions. Just remember, a few things: 

  • Visit early in the semester/at the beginning of your assignment
  • Allow sufficient time for your tutoring session (at least 30 minutes)
  • Bring the assignment instructions, class notes, textbook, and/or flash drive
  • Bring what you have completed so far. For math, the complete and/or attempted practice problems
  • Have specific questions for the tutor
  • Bring materials for note taking
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be prepared to LEARN

We look forward to seeing you soon and to helping make your success - within reach.