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Innovation Lab: What is it?

Dream. Think. Create.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."  - Albert Einstein 

The Innovation Lab (iLab) is a collaborative learning environment, oftentimes referred to as a “technology playground”, where people of all ages and with similar interests in science, technology, engineering, digital arts, and math can meet, socialize and/or collaborate while sharing ideas and learning new skills. There are no judgments, no grades, and it is encouraged to color outside the lines. If you are interested in experiencing or implementing emerging technologies (e.g., VR, 3D design/printing, 360-degree imagery etc.) in and/or outside your classes then please email me or call (727) 394-6917 and we will setup a time to meet and discuss what is possible with these new technologies. 

The iLab is located in the Community Library on the St. Petersburg College Seminole campus, upstairs in room 201; however, it exists anywhere we wish to dream, think, and create.