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Basic Grammar and Punctuation: Home

The tutorials below address basic grammar and punctuation errors writers routinely have. Use these guidelines to proofread and correct errors in your papers before submission. For hands-on help, see a tutor in your campus Learning Support Commons.

How to check for grammar errors:

Has your instructor told you to proofread your papers? Have you run spellchecker but don't know what else to look for? This checklist can help!

Learn which common errors you make with, and then learn how to avoid them in the list below or the matching tab above.

1) Check for run-on sentences - Two or more independent clauses joined without a conjunction.

2) Check for sentence fragments - A phrase or clause that is not a complete grammatical sentence.

Note - If you're having trouble with sentences, review the three types above - Simple, Compound, and Complex.

3) Check to make sure you have used the correct verb:

  • Does your verb agree with your subject?
  • Do you stay in the same tense throughout?

4) Check that you use pronouns correctly:

  • Is it clear who or what you refer to?
  • Have you used the correct form?

5) Check for commonly confused words such as their, there, and they're.

6) Check your punctuation. Try circling every punctuation mark on your rough draft to make it stand out as you read it.

Get hands-on help at:

Clearwater Learning Support Commons


Downtown Learning Support Commons


Gibbs Learning Support Commons


Midtown Learning Support Commons


Seminole Learning Support Commons


Tarpon Springs Learning Support Commons