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American National Government: POS 2041 - Home

POS 2041 -- Home

American National Government -- POS 2041

Resource Guide

Please view the blue tabs above for assignment-specific information.

To identify a particular kind of research, please see the matrix below to locate specific types of sources.

SPC Research & Resources

Research Decision Matrix

Do you need research from a(n):

Federal report (for narrative,visual)

Congressional Research Service Reports                                               See Research Project -- Letter to Congress Tab

Congressional bill (official, non-official),, National Journal, PopVox                         See Research Project -- Letter to Congress Tab

Time-sensitive information view

Major newspapers (e.g. New York Times, Washington Post)                 See Written Assignment -- Media Resources Tab

Easily searchable, time-sensitive view

Google News, News Magazines                                                             See Written Assignment -- Media Resources Tab

Local interest perspective

Tampa Bay Times/                                                                 See Written Assignment -- Media Resources Tab

Complex scientific/expert’s view

SPC’s Science/Medical databases (scholarly) See Databases by Subject

Lobbying or special interest point of view

Professional organizations: e.g. National Rifle Association, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, etc.

Statistical perspective

FedStats, Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (2012, latest available online)

International statistical perspective CIA World Factbook, Country Reports

Contemporary or pop culture view

Huffington Post, Drudge Report.                                                            See Written Assignment -- Media Resources Tab