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How to Write a News Article: Home

Basic guidelines for creating news articles in print, photos, and video.

Why Write News?

Thinks news is dead? As one noted reporter, Mark Twain, described it, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Many newspapers are still thriving and even more internet news sources are coming online every day. The internet follows the same conventions as print news outlined in the tabs above, so there’s a growing need for writers who can gather and report information in all industries.

The person who can communicate has the advantage professionally. Every industry has a need for communications in public relations, education, sales, promotions, even business development.  Being able to write lets you take your career in multiple directions.

In addition to Journalism and Mass Communication classes, St. Petersburg College's student newspaper – the Sandbox – is the perfect place for you to develop and refine your writing. Follow the tabs above from left to right to create an article. Then send it in here!

The Sandbox is open to any student and any kind of news:

  • Current Events
    • What’s going on in your major? What’s going on in your neighborhood? What does is mean to you as a student?
    • What's going on at the college, in the state and in the nation & world that has an impact on college students?
  • Business & Technology – What’s new in computers, cell phones, or tablets?
  • Arts – Theater reviews, dance review, museum and gallery exhibits
  • Entertainment – Which movie? Which TV show? Got a favorite tune or a book? How about a restaurant or club? Travel somewhere great lately?
  • Health & Science – Got some health tips for your fellow students? Some exercise or food suggestions?
  • Sports – Enjoy the match, then tell us all about it!
  • Photos & Videos – Show us your friends, your pets, where you live, where you hang, the winning shot, that oops moment!  

What can you dream up?