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Give your research paper some CPR... citations, peer-reviewed sources, and research of course! This guide assists with courses offered in Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Emergency Medical Services, and Gang Enforcement Management


CCJ-1020 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Instructor: Michael Hughes

Term Paper Requirements

Type your paper in APA format (6th Edition). Use Times New Roman font, size 12. Set the margins to 1 inch and the line spacing to double. The paper should be between 5 - 8  pages, excluding the title (cover), abstract, and reference pages. A minimum of 5 research reference sources are required. Wikipedia and other non-scholarly sources WILL NOT be accepted as legitimate internet sources   A Term Paper Topic has been ASSIGNED to each student in Module 1/Week 1 of the course. The Course Resource Module contains additional information and tutorials for the term paper. Term papers are graded on the following criteria:

Presentation (Appropriate margins, text, font, correct APA Format) = 50 pts

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling = 50 pts

Content = 50 pts

Accuracy = 50 pts

Total Point Value = 200 


PSA/Criminal Justice