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Copyright Information: Faculty

Find out how to use information ethically. Includes links to free music and images that you can use in your course presentations... legally! Information on copyright and fair use for both students and faculty.

Frequently Asked Questiions

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1)  What is Fair Use? 

2)  What is the TEACH Act?

3)  Can I use content from the Web as part of my course?

4)  What rights do I have as a creator?

5)  Can I stream entire videos in my online course?

6)  How do I know if the work I want to use is copyrighted?

7)  Do I need to inform students about the use copyrighted materials I may have posted within my course? Yes, please use the following in your syllabus:

Copyrighted material posted on this course website is used in compliance with United States Copyright Law.  Under that law you may use the material for educational purposes related to the learning outcomes of this course.  You may not further download, copy, alter, or distribute the material unless in accordance with copyright law or with permission of the copyright holder. For more information on copyright visit

8) Public performance of music, am I in violation of copyright?

9) Enabling and Developing Teaching Tools: What guidelines can be used when creating instructional materials or using film in the classroom?


Copyright Tools

Digital Copyright Slider: Is this work within the Public Domain?(Michael Brewer and the American Library Association Office for Information Technology Policy)

Fair Use Checkliist (Copyright Advisory Offfice. Columbia University. Kenneth D. Crews, formerly of Columbia University, and Dwayne K. Buttler, University of Louisville. Used under a CC BY/NC license from the Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University.)

Checklist for implementing the TEACH Act in Distance Education (Kenneth Crews, Columbia University)

Fair Use Evaluator (Michael Brewer, American Library Association Office for Information Technology Policy)

Copyright & Fair Use Articles

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