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Argument/Persuasion: Argument/Persuasion

Use these resources to find what you need for the argumentative essay

Discover Compelling Topics

Where do you go to follow the issues and listen/read the news?
Explore the places below...

Databases for News

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Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

We all have different opinions and issues about what we hear or see in the news and even in our everyday lives. These opinions are what we "think" based on our experience. Now what if we listen to others opinions and arguments and find facts that support what we think. With a persuasive or argumentative essay you can:

  • Analyze a problem or controversy
  • Develop your own, informed opinion
  • State facts and evidence to support your opinion or views

Decide what the purpose of your essay is:

  • Convince others to share your opinion
  • To convince your reader to do something
  • To seek support for a cause or solution
  • To inform others through a cohesive argument

Proceed by:

  • Selecting a topic (controversy, current affair or issue)
  • Find out background information
  • Seek evidence
    • explore different viewpoints
    • find information that supports your viewpoint
    • find additional information

Cite your sources and cite within your argument to avoid plagiarism.

Finding Books and E-books

Search the library website for books and e-books by putting "keywords" pertaining to your topic in the search box, separated by AND.
(ex. Muslims AND racial profiling)

Search SPC's catalog ...

Frontline & Pew stories-Muslims and racial profiling



Explore Different Viewpoints through SPC Databases

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Databases for Articles

Comprehensive general databases for articles on all subjects.

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Cite Your Sources