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Includes databases on demographics, marketing tutorials, company information, and industry forecasts

Library Databases for Marketing/Company Information

 Demographics - who are customers; where are they?

 Company Information via Library databases ( products and marketing news)

  • Lexis Nexis Academic - SWOT
    • Use left hand sidebar and select Company
    • Select Company Profiles -
    • Enter your company name on top search box (Pulldown to "Company"
    • Enter keyword: SWOT on second search boc
    • See results - SWOT for extnesive discussion
  • Business Soruce Complete (EBSCO)

Industry databases


Industry Lookups



Government Websites:


Websites -Market/Demographics

Market Plan - Who are my customer

Demographics of Business Area:

 Pinellas County & Tampa Bay Business Climate


American Spending

  • Professional Associations often publish statistics on how much people spend in their industry.  Google offers a selected listing
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics:Consumer Expenditure Survey.  US Dept. of Labor


Tools to help locate market information on company: