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Free Legal Research: Free Legal Research

Did you know that LexisNexis and Westlaw charge thousands of dollars for their online research services? Here's a guide to some of the best free legal research sites to help you help future employers save money!

It Makes "Cents"

Here at SPC, you have access to a number of legal research databases for free.  LexisNexis, Westlaw, ProQuest . . . the list goes on.  However, in the "real" world, these databases are very costly and many legal working environments do not even provide access to them because of the expense.  As a budding paralegal, it pays to know how to find reliable legal sources for your clients and employers, without spending a penny.


Quick Overview

This excerpt from a presentation by Sarah Glassmeyer of CALI shows some of the different free online sources of legal research that are out there.

Makes Cents


Free legal research?  It just makes "cents"!