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Plagiarism & Academic Integrity

How does TurnItIn Work?

When you upload a document to TurnItIn, the program checks your document for originality by comparing it to BILLIONS of other documents, including websites, journals, and even papers previously submitted to TurnItIn. The program then generates an Originality Report that shows your professor which portions of your paper match content in other sources. If your professor allows, you can also view the Originality Report and use it to ensure that you did not accidentally plagiarize.

The Originality Report

View the graphic below to get a sense of the report's format and content.

  • The left side of the screen displays a copy of your paper as uploaded to Turnitin. The format will show the paper as submitted including any graphics or images.

Any matches to sources of Turnitin content will appear as color-coded, numbered passages.

  • The right side of the screen displays the Match Overview pane. Matches will show similarly color-coded, numbered passages, the matching URL, the type of source, and a percentage of match to your paper.

Video: Viewing an Originality Report

Watch this video to learn even more about the Originality Report.