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Using the SEEI method helps you create strong, usable components for building a solid essay and for keeping your writing on topic.

Applying SEEI by paragraph part: Thesis


Use the STATE portion of SEEI to state a thesis on your topic in a clear and concise way. Remember, a thesis is not just a topic but an arguable claim about the topic. Writing teachers also suggest the presence of prongs or arms in composing the thesis to help writers determine the topic for each of the body paragraphs and to provide readers with a roadmap of where the composition is headed.

Love is not a fleeting romantic vision; it is an endless demonstration of stubborn loyalty, for love bears, hopes, and endures all things.

Note: the presence of three prongs in the thesis:  
bears, hopes, and endures. Each prong can develop into the topic
of each of the body paragraphs.