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Using the SEEI method helps you create strong, usable components for building a solid essay and for keeping your writing on topic.


Exemplify - "for example."

This area might also be known as “supporting details.”  If the assignment allows, you could use a news story or research.  You certainly could use a good descriptive scenario (not too long though). Be sure to give concrete details, not abstract notions. Put some flesh on the bones. Note: you shouldn't use "for example" to lead into each example. Vary your introduction.

a) EXEMPLIFY the topic found in the first body paragraph. 
Example for first body paragraph referring to love bearing all things:

A mother staying up through the night with her sick child, a husband weeping with his wife over a miscarriage, or one friend sitting and listening, for hours on end, to another’s woes following a divorce -- all demonstrate how love bears all things.

b)  EXEMPLIFY the topic found in the second body paragraph.   
Example for second body paragraph referring to love hoping for all things:

For example, a wife offering reassurances to her husband who has a job interview the next day shows how love hopes for things.

c) EXEMPLIFY the topic found in the third body paragraph.
Example for third body paragraph referring to love enduring all things (researched example used):

For instance, Daphne and Tony Aldridge of West Sussex, England, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in March 2012 with many of their eighty fostered children surrounding them.  Fostering children for over 33 years, the Aldridges love for each other and children has allowed them to endure phone calls at 3:00AM, asking if they would take in a South African baby whose guardian was acting suspiciously at Gatwick airport. Fostering has also required the Aldridges to persevere through legal battles, especially when they decided to adopt one child they had cared for for many years (“Golden 50 Years”).