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Public Safety Administration: Writing Process Tips

Give your research paper some CPR... citations, peer-reviewed sources, and research of course! This guide assists with courses offered in Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Emergency Medical Services, and Gang Enforcement Management

Writing Tips

Note: Writing is messy, and you may not work in a linear fashion. Of course, you are not required to do so; just be sure the finished paper is linear in the end. With that being said, the following list may not be the exact order in which you prepare, write, or cite your papers. It serves only as an example. What's more, you may revisit steps in the process more than once as you write and revise your papers.


Getting Started

Selecting A Research Topic

Looking for and Forming Focus

Gathering Information

Stating Your Topic As A Working Thesis

Organization of Paper


Thesis Statement

The Five Paragraph Essay

Citing An Authority


Citing Sources


Editing and Rewriting

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