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Database Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting

Having trouble logging into the library databases or eBooks? This guide can help!


Database Troubleshooting

Question: After I have logged in, selected a database, and selected the “connect to database” button, I get another page with the database’s logo asking for another username and password. How do I connect to the database?

Answer: This may be caused by a number of factors:

  • Note: check the System Status tab first to make sure the system is available.  
  • Your browser or browser settings may be incompatible with the database;
  • Your cookies may not be set to allow the database page to know that you have already logged in; 
  • Something may be blocking the “referring URL” that lets the database page know that you are accessing it from LINCCWeb.

Here are some things to try to correct these problems:

1) Use Internet Explorer, version 7 or higher, or the most recent version of Firefox or Safari. LINCC database connections are not compatible with AOL or WebTV browsers.

2) Enable Javascript.

3) Enable cookies.

4) Disable any pop-up blocking software.

Note: if you are using other pop-up blocking software, please consult your documentation.

5) Temporarily set security and privacy settings in the browser to the medium levels or lower.

6) Temporarily lower settings or disable any personal firewall or security software while using the database.


7) EBSCO databases, such as Academic Search Complete, are especially sensitive to security software that may obscure referring URLs. If you can access other databases, but not an EBSCO database, please refer to Ebsco's Connection FAQ.

8) After any of the above steps, clear your cache and cookies and close your browser window before trying again.


Information above was adapted from the College Center for Library Automation 02/05/10

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