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SEEI - World Religions: Directions for Writing

Using the SEEI method helps you create strong, usable components for building a solid essay and for keeping your writing on topic.

Model for SEEI

Please outline your first paper using the following model:

Opening thesis paragraph: The thesis is the central idea of your paper around which all your evidence and claims are organized.  Every single paragraph should be dedicated in a clear way to proving your thesis.  In your essay, the thesis should be stated as quickly and as clearly as possible and should include the three thesis points that will appear in bucket one, two, and three.  Think of the thesis as a road map that gives directions to your reader rather than just as a picture of your final destination.   Therefore, you will probably need at least a thesis statement and another sentence that elaborates or expands on your thesis for the paper.  Opening the paper with a question also sharpens and focuses the attention of the reader.

Bucket one (four sentences at least color coded...see this link for details)

  • STATE = black
  • ELABORATE = navy blue … “In other words…”
  • EXEMPLIFY = teal … “For example,…”
  • ILLUSTRATE = brown  (metaphor, analogy, or comparison)  “This is like…”  This is not like…”  This is not to be confused with…”

Bucket two  (just give me the thesis)


Bucket three  (just give me the thesis)


Conclusion  (vvery short but powerful…not a re-write of the paper)

See example paper here