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Accessing company SWOTs and profiles to evaluate competing operations strategies: Home

This libguide is geared towards students taking operations management classes (MAN3504) at SPC.

How to use the library databases for your assignment

Accessing SWOT reports, company and industry information using Business Insights

 Business Insights: Global is a database providing access to a wide spectrum of comprehensive learning materials like statistical data sources, news articles, academic journals and topical reference materials ordered by company and industry to quickly engage users in the global business environment. This is a great resource to consult in your search for company SWOT reports.

Get Started Searching

To perform a search, enter  your desired keywords in the search box found on the home page. A basic search box will also be located in the upper right hand corner on most pages.

Essentially, your query will look for a Company or Industry Profile that matches your search terms and display those results first, along with any news, case studies, market share reports and other types of content.

Organizing Results

Results can be organized by the following criteria:

·         Publication Date: Sorts by publication date with the most recent documents displayed first.

·         Article Title: Sorts alphabetically by document title.

·         Publication Title: Sorts alphabetically by the title of the source publication.

·         Relevance: Sorts by how closely documents match your search query.

You can select each from the "Sort By" drop down list.

Content types

The content types found are displayed on the left and they also indicate the number of results found per content type in parenthesis. The following content types may be returned as part of your search:

·         Recent News

·         Journals

·         Company Histories

·         SWOT Reports

·         Market Share Reports

·         Market Research Reports

You can also filter the results to your search by content type. SWOT report is content type! You can also search within your search results by entering keywords in the search within results box. 

Following a related subject link performs a subject search on the selected term.


Comparing Companies or Industries

Click the Comparison Charts button on the menu bar and select Companies OR Industries to access an interactive chart feature. You can view statistical data for a single company or a single industry. You can also compare two or more companies or industries. Here's how to view data for two company OR two industries:

1. Select a company or an industry by clicking the Add/Remove button to the far right.

2. In the dialog box, enter the name of the company/industry or the first few letters. If searching for an industry, you may also search by NAICS. Click the company/industry from the list of choices that appear.

3. Click the Add/Remove button to add another company or industry

4. The comparison charts uses a default metric. To change the metric, click the arrow to view the list of available metrics. Or you can type a keyword, such as sales, directly in the box and the system will search for metrics containing that term.

5. Follow the Related Articles link to retrieve news and articles that pertain to the company/industry and metric you just charted, which allows students and researchers to further analyze the data.


Accessing a SWOT in Business Source Complete (EBSCO)

To access a SWOT Analysis in Business Source Complete (EBSCO):

  1. Enter the name of a company in the search box and select CO Company Entity from the drop-down menu on the right.
  2. Check the Full Text check box to limit your results to full text sources and click Search.
  3. The result list is displayed. Click Source Types in the left column to expand the selection, click on show more. In the pop up window check the SWOT Analyses box and click update.
  4. The SWOT analyses available for your desired company are displayed in the result list with the most recent available at the top. *Note that not all companies have SWOT analysis available. You may have to create your own SWOT report for a particular company.
  5. Click the PDF Full Text link to read a SWOT Analysis.

Accessing Swots and company profiles using LexisNexis Academic

  • In the left column, under Companies, clickt: Company Profiles

  • In the search box, type your company. For example, Starbuck's.
  • From the drop down menu to the right, change the field to:Company Name
  • In the next box, enter: swot.

  • Scroll down until you find the report that includes "SWOT Analysis" in its title.

Creating a Bibliography in minutes with Refworks

Periodic Reports

Accessing Reports

All companies, foreign and domestic, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. Anyone can access and download this information for free. Here you'll find links to a complete list of filings available through EDGAR and instructions for searching the EDGAR database.

On a company web site, Annual Reports are frequently located under "Investor Relations." Other alternatives may include (but are not limited to) "Shareholder Information," "Earnings Releases," "Company Reports," "Company Profiles," "Financial Information," "Customer Service," or "About".

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