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Human Services: Video Resources


Academic Video Online (Alexander Street) - The VAST Subscription is Alexander Street’s premiere collection of video content. Containing 21 individual discipline collections totaling 20,000 titles of high-quality content by 2013, VAST is a one-stop multidisciplinary solution that brings video to many departments.

Anatomy TV (Primal Pictures) - Derived from genuine medical scan data that has been interpreted by a team of Primal anatomists and then translated into three-dimensional images by an expert team of graphics specialists. The anatomy visuals are accompanied by three-dimensional animations that demonstrate function, biomechanics and surgical procedures.

FMG  (Films Media Group) - Streaming video covering a wide range of subjects to enhance college courses. These videos include public performance rights that allow them to be used in the educational setting.

FITNE - Series of videos and interactive programs for Nurses and Students. Resources include Nursing Theorist Videos as well as Therapeutic Communication program.

Manual Muscle Testing, Gait, and Goniometry (Slack Incorporated)- SLACK Incorporated is a leading health care publisher. Whether it be textbooks for the classroom, reference and continuing education books for the clinician or practitioner, or scholarly journals, we seek to present high quality material that benefits today’s health care provider. For more information about the Health Care Books and Journals Division of SLACK Incorporated, visit

SPC Online Catalog - Check and see which vidoes the SPC Library has on a given topic. Students please note that videos can only be used/viewed within the Library.

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