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English Language Lessons for EAP/ESL Students: 6. Present Perfect Verbs

Self-Paced Collection of English Language Lessons (SPC-ELL) - grammar help for all levels of non-native speakers (created with SoftChalk)

Lesson 6: Present Perfect Verbs

We use present perfect verbs very often in English.  Have you ever used present perfect verbs before?  I have already learned them, but my sister hasn't.  When should you use this verb tense and how do you form it? 

This lesson will help you form and use present perfect verbs in the correct situations.  You will also learn what a past participle is as well as the difference between the present perfect tense and the simple past tense.  For example: I have seen that movie.  vs. I saw that movie.  What's the difference?

Click here to begin the lesson. (Your speakers must be on to listen.)