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English Language Lessons for EAP/ESL Students: Note to Instructors

Self-Paced Collection of English Language Lessons (SPC-ELL) - grammar help for all levels of non-native speakers (created with SoftChalk)

Suggestions for Using These SoftChalk Lessons

This collection of English grammar lessons was originally designed for students enrolled in Intermediate English for Academic Purposes (EAP 0495) at St. Petersburg College; however, many higher (and lower) level non-native speakers may also find them beneficial.  All of the lessons are self-contained and can be completed in any order.  If you have non-native speakers in your class, consider adding a link to this guide in your course.

  • Make sure students know to turn their speakers on to listen
  • QuickTime and Adobe Flash Player are required
  • Google Chrome is not supported
  • Students may need to "unblock" content if they are using Mozilla Firefox

Suggestions for using these SoftChalk lessons:

  • When you introduce the SoftChalk lessons the first time, demonstrate how to open and navigate them in class. If possible, allow students to explore and get comfortable with the program in class.  Make sure students know that they should turn their speakers on in order to listen to the audio and watch the videos
  • Provide a link to this guide in your course so students can access the lessons from home on their own throughout the semester and even after they finish your course
  • Have students complete the lessons on their own for extra credit    ~OR~
  • Require students to complete the lessons for a grade.  They can print a certificate or instructors can link the lessons to their course gradebook (see your Instructional Design Technologist to do this)
  • Students may watch, listen, and practice as often as they like.  However, if they want their score/grade to count, they must complete all the activites in one sitting and click "Finish" on the last page (there is no way to save answers)
  • Consider "flipping your classroom" by having students complete the lessons on their own before class and then using class time for questions, reinforcement, practice, and application

If you want to add these SoftChalk lessons to your gradebook, below is the point value of each lesson (# of questions/activities):

1. Identifying Parts of Speech (77 points)                 
2. Simple & Progressive Tenses (42 points)
3. Subject-Verb Agreement (64 points)
4.  Nouns & Articles (70 points)
5. Parallel Structure (13 points)
6. Present Perfect Verbs (34 points)
7. Future Tense (52 points)
8. Verb Tense Review/Overview (19 points)
9. Pronouns (39 points)
10. Modals (49 points)

Helpful Links

This project was made possible through a mini-grant from the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL) and with the help of Karen Fritch from the Web & Instructional Technology Department (WITS) at St. Petersburg College.

Learn more about CETL grant opportunities at SPC.


Click here to learn more about creating interactive content using SoftChalk or contact your Instructional Design Technologist at St. Petersburg Colllege.

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Email Judy Macdonald at with questions or suggestions.