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English for Academic Purposes (EAP/ESL): Grammar Help

Reading, writing, grammar, and listening/speaking support for all levels of non-native speakers of English.

English Grammar Help

Self-Paced Collection of English Language Lessons

(SoftChalk lessons created specifically for EAP0495 @ SPC)


Article Rules in English

         Singular Nouns 

 must have an article!!

a, an, the

Yesterday I had anappointment with my doctor. 

  After that, I saw a movie. (1st mention/general)

  The movie was fantastic. (2nd mention/specific)

  Plural Nouns 

  "zero" article (Ø) or the

 Ø Movies are one of my favorite pasttimes.  

The actors in the movie were very convincing. 

     Non-count Nouns

"zero" article (Ø) or the

Ø Love is a strong emotion.

The love I  have for my children is especially strong.


3rd Person -s (Simple Present Tense)

  Singular   Plural  
1st Person I  I speak two languages. We  We speak two languages.
2nd Person You  You speak two languages. You  You speak two languages.
3rd Person He, she, it  She speaks two languages. They  They speak two languages.


  3rd Person (-s/-es) Video/Explanation

Simple Present Tense Video/Explanation

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