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Evaluating Sources

What Is "Good" Research?

We are going to compare popular and professional sources about the same topic.  Not all information is the same!  By using the CRAAP test, compare the validity of two of the following sources.  YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE POPULAR SOURCE AND ONE PROFESSIONAL SOURCE! After you have READ BOTH SOURCES, post your evaluation in ANGEL.  (The instructions are in the forum.)


Popular Sources

  1. Invasive Species Threatening Native Species Around the Globe
  2. Invasive Species,
  3. Invasive Species, from Wikipedia

Professional Sources

  1. The Cost of Invasive Species
  2. Species Invasions Exceed Extinctions on Islands Worldwide
  3. Eradication of Invasive Mammals on Islands Inhabited by Humans and Domestic Animals
    • Available Online from the SPC Library
    • To log in: your Borrower ID = Student Number; PIN = last four of your SSN
    • The actual article is on the left in the PDF
  4. Are Invasive Species a Major Cause of Extinctions?